8 More UK Logistics & Supply Chain Events to Attend in 2018

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Peter Drakeley, Head of Global Customer Success, EazyStock

Peter Drakeley   22 February 2018

Logistics and Supply Chain Events in 2018


  1. Logistics Research Network Annual Conference 2018
  2. Transport Manager 2018
  3. The Logistics Awards
  4. Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference
  5. ECommerce Expo 
  6. EWorld Procurement & Supply
  7. Robotics & Automation Exhibition 2018
  8. Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Conference 

We’re through the first half of 2018, but your supply chain is not slowing down! Wondering what the leading logistics and supply chain events in the UK that will allow you to manage your current procurement challenges in the run-up to 2019?  The team at EazyStock have compiled a list of the top 2018 Supply Chain events for the last half of 2018 that you can’t afford to miss. These events are perfect for logistics and supply chain specialists that want to learn more about the new tech available for SMBs or to network with some of the best minds. Find all the information you need to improve your future supply chain efficiency.

Logistics Research Network Annual Conference 2018

5th-6th September 2018
Plymouth University, Plymouth

The 23rd Annual Conference of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport help by the Logistics Research Network will focus on how researchers can assist managers informing business and policy to promote sustainable, integrated operations. This Conference comes at a time in which developments in data management are set to create challenges for those who work in logistics. This conference will showcase the latest research in logistics, international shipping, trade, supply chain and procurement management available to industry professionals. The organisers of this conference are welcoming to both researchers and practitioners from diverse logistics and supply chain areas.


Transport Manager 2018

Multiple dates & locations – starts 20th September 2018
Beginning in Haynes International Motor Museum, Yeovil

The leading transport manager conference lead by the Freight Transport Association that will provide you with the latest information and guidance on industry legislation. With over 1,300 delegates attending 10 nationwide venues in 2017, this transportation and logistics conference is a great chance to hear from key industry speakers, experts about the current and future issues that affect your operations.


The Logistics Awards

20th September 2018
The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Celebrate all the achievements in logistics and supply chain management in the past 12 months with this annual award show. To celebrate the fifth year of the Logistic Awards show, the Winner of Winners Award is being given away, that celebrates the most impressive projects in the last 5 years. This award show attracts the likes of senior professionals from leading retailers, manufacturers and logistics operations. The entry to this award show is open to those who work in logistics operations and to companies who feature logistics as part of their operations.


Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

23rd-25th September, 2018
O2, London

This event focusing on your business understanding the future role of your supply chain offers and whether you have the right talent on your team to succeed, this will give you the change to network and validate your strategic vision. The success of your organisation relies on your ability to anticipate, adapt and transform your supply change performance. This conference is designed for Chief Supply Chain Officers and their leadership teams so they can recognise the impacts of disruptions on their supply chain and better create transformation strategies. Discover, evaluate and compare the latest technologies, services and partnerships. Access the unbiased guidance of industry Discover, evaluate and compare the latest technologies, services and partnerships.


ECommerce Expo 

26th-27th September 2018
Olympia London

Under the new ownership of CloserStill Media, this year’s event promises to be the biggest and best to date that helps you to navigate the challenging within marketing and the wide-open eCommerce landscape. Reinvigorated, re-branded, this event gives you the tools to navigate B2B and B2C eCommerce. With over 11,000 brands, agencies, media owners and tech providers attending, in a programme of one-to-one meetings, mutli-track conferences and social activities over two days, this promises to be a packed and exciting event that will give you practical, actionable solutions that will drive your business forward.


EWorld Procurement & Supply

3rd October, 2018
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

This bi-annual event is the perfect opportunity to find solutions to your logistic problems through fresh inspiration and a terrific way to build valuable relationships. This event offers the opportunity to meet with leading technology experts, key suppliers and their immediate peers. You’ll find this to be a high impact and significant event because the event organisers have partnered with Charter Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), IRMs, EEMA, The European Commission, Oxford Innovation and many more.


Robotics & Automation Exhibition 2018

10th-11th October 2018
Arena MK, Stadium Way, Milton Keynes

This exciting exhibition looks towards the future of manufacturing and warehousing which means you don’t have to wait around to find the next exciting development in technology. This is the only dedicated robotics and automation exhibition in the UK and will give you the chance to discover cutting-edge technologies that will improve efficiency, reduce costs and allow you to gain a competitive advantage within your industry. Your free visitors pass will give you the opportunity to learn from the amazing minds behind technological advancements that are currently transforming your sector through live demonstrations and seminars.


Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Conference 

31st October 2018
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

The current procurement and supply profession is always evolving due to political and financial instabilities in the UK that must be handled by the logistic team by utilising the latest strategies and techniques. Attending the CIPS annual conference will give your team the change to capitalise on these instabilities and put procurement at the heart of your business’ operations. Whilst also providing insights, training, lively debates, and experience sharing current procurement challenges such as integration, alignment and risk-management.


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