8 Logistics & Supply Chain Events to Attend in 2018

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Peter Drakeley, Head of Global Customer Success, EazyStock

Peter Drakeley   22 February 2018

Logistics and Supply Chain Events in 2018


  1. IntraLogistex
  2. Supply Chain Conference
  3. Future Logistics Summit & Expo
  4. FT UK Business Conference
  5. Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

Looking to shake up and optimise your logistics and supply chain in 2018 but don’t know where to begin? We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 2018 Supply Chain Events for logistics and supply chain professionals that you can’t afford to miss. Whether you’re looking for the latest ideas in SCM or need some new tech for your business, these events have what you need and will see your supply chain through 2018.


27-28 February, 2018
Ricoh Arena, Coventry
This two-day cutting-edge technology exhibition will allow you to transform your operations and give your business everything needed to stay ahead within the current competitive market. This exhibition will answer the questions you need answering: Are your current suppliers really giving you the best deal? Are you aware of all the latest industry innovation? Has your business got what it takes to stay ahead in the competitive global marketplace? Cut through the growing noise in the industry and visit the go-to platform for discovering logistic innovations.


Supply Chain Conference

20- 21st March, 2018
The Grand Connaught Rooms, Central London

Do your operations offer a responsive and watertight supply chain? Does it adapt to the complexity of the modern market and is it able to cope with future demand and challenges? With all these questions, how can you ensure that your organisation stays ahead of the competition? This event brings together some of the most inspiring and innovative expert practitioners so you have the chance to learn for their best practice. This is the perfect opportunity to share knowledge and experience from other business that face the same logistic challenges within multiple different industries. 


Future Logistics Summit & Expo

16-17 April, 2018
Central Convention Complex, Manchester

For access to key developments within the digitisation of logistics and the opportunities, challenges and threats for supply chain management. This event will run alongside the Industry 4.0 Summit and Factories of the Future Expo, an event that focuses on the digital transformation of manufacturing.These two events, will allow visitors to have complete access to modern digital supply chain from design and development,through to manufacturing and delivery.


The Infrastructure Show 2018

17th April, 2018
NEC, Birmingham

Within the next 10 years, £600 billion is planned to be invested into infrastructure across the UK, which will radically change supply chain opportunities across all sectors. This is a free event, supported by major ongoing and future infrastructure projects in the UK, which will provide you the unique opportunity to engage, connect and collaborate with a number of decision makers, and influences that represent major areas of infrastructure.


Multimodal 2018

1-3 May, 2018
NEC, Birmingham

Whether you are a retailer, a manufacturer or an importer/ exporter, you will be able to find a solution for your complex transportation and logistics needs. This event is specially designed for the freight transport sector to find solutions, to test and to compare alternatives within logistics and supply chain management. While at this event, you can network your way to business solutions for shippers, new ideas for cargo owner, as well as exploring new trends in moving inventory quicker, as well as offering the chance to meet with market leading players within transport and logistics.


EDIE LIVE 2018: The event

22-23 May, 2018
NEC, Birmingham

EDIE is a yearly event that brings together 69,000 energy and sustainability professionals. This two-day event aims to provide practical information, insight and intelligence into creating a more sustainable business from innovative exhibitions, informative seminars, interactive product talks and one-to-one networking with clients. Deliver strategic, operational and interactive learning and insight for all levels of experienced, from those at the beginning of their career to the leaders in the sector.


FT UK Business Conference

24th May, 2018

The Financial Times is hosting this conference, that brings together executives from both local and global businesses, government, and think tanks to explore what opportunities and challenges will be faced in post-Brexit Britain. This conference moves always from the London-centric view of many other conferences and moves its focus to the North of England and its booming business sector. Following the triggering of Article 50, businesses and public sectors leaders are grappling with what leaving the EU could mean for their businesses and for the economy and how they will ensure that shareholder’s long-term needs are met. This conference will allow business leaders to assess their ability to innovate, export, expand and to build recognisable brands.


Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

23- 25 September, 2018
The O2, London

This event focusing on your business understanding the future role of your supply chain offers and whether you have the right talent on your team to succeed, this will give you the change to network and validate your strategic vision. The success of your organisation relies on your ability to anticipate, adapt and transform your supply change performance. This conference is designed for Chief Supply Chain Officers and their leadership teams so they can recognise the impacts of disruptions on their supply chain and better create transformation strategies. Discover, evaluate and compare the latest technologies, services and partnerships. Access the unbiased guidance of industry Discover, evaluate and compare the latest technologies, services and partnerships.


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