We are launching a connector for Visma.net!

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Julia Hallin   6 February 2018

EazyStock integration med Visma.net

EazyStock launches a connector for Visma.net, and gives Visma users an automated and integrated user experience that saves both time and money!

”Visma.net is an ERP in the forefront and their customers know they need to be agile to stay ahead of competition while growing with efficiency and quality. The integration with EazyStock makes it possible to scale up fast and broaden product ranges while guaranteeing fast deliveries and still keep inventory levels down. Our new connector removes the implementation step and the customer can get up and running with optimized inventory management in almost no time,” said Agneta Linde, Head of Global Partners at EazyStock.

The readymade integration makes it possible for Visma.net-users to optimise their inventory in a click. EazyStock gets data automatically from the ERP, calculates the demand and optimal inventory quantity on all products, no matter the demand-pattern, and then returns order suggestions back to the ERP. The user only needs to take action when he gets a warning that something is deviating, so called “management by acception”.

“Digitalisation is a word on everyones lips and the purchasing department of tomorrow needs to automate as much as possible to get time for more value adding activities like strategic decisions and innovation. EazyStock is built for small and medium sized enterprises who haven’t had the resources to optimise their inventory in the same way as their bigger competitors. Our customers see measurable results quickly, like less excess inventory and higher service-levels. We think this is key to success on a competitive market and I’m proud to be able to offer a seamless extension of the ERP to Vismas customers,” said Daniel Martinsson, Head of EazyStock.

Read more about our connector with Visma.net: eazystock.com/uk/visma.

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