Inventory Optimisation Software for Small Businesses

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Maggie Bendis   22 May 2015

Inventory Optimization Software


  1. Benefits of Inventory Optimisation

Inventory optimisation is often likened to balancing on a hire wire. The process of optimisation is a method of balancing capital investment constraints and service-level goals over a large assortment of stock-keeping units (SKUs) while taking demand and supply volatility into account.

Owners of the business want to keep customers happy with high order fill rates and no backorders. Financial managers want to reduce holding costs and eliminate overstock from warehouses. Operations managers want to increase planning accuracy and labor productivity while getting a better handle on safety stock levels. With all these competing goals, it can be difficult for supply chains to run efficiently.


Benefits of Inventory Optimisation

At EazyStock, we understand the challenge and we have cast out our safety net to ensure you meet strategic objectives across your entire supply chain without losing your balance along the way.

Free Inventory Health Assessment for Inventory Management

EazyStock’s cloud based solution easily works with current Enterprise Resource Planning tools, Warehouse Management System’s, Material Resource Planning tools or Inventory Management modules. Our patented algorithms help companies achieve the following:

1. Lower stock levels, holding costs and capital tied up in stock.
2. Increase service rates, fill rates & sale orders
3. Reduce administration time and cost for inventory planning and replenishment

Watch a 6 minute demo video above to learn about our inventory optimisation software and how you can build a more profitable supply chain.


Optimize Inventory with EazyStock


EazyStock Inventory DashboardInterested in learning how to further optimize your inventory beyond just your ERP, WMS or MRP System? Contact EazyStock to schedule a demo to discover how easy it is to extend inventory optimization in your supply chain to lower costs while increasing service levels.

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