Performance and Scalability

Many of the questions and concerns about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions center around the topics of performance, availability, security, and integration with existing ERP systems inside a corporate firewall.

EazyStock availability and system accessSaaS-Performance

EazyStock’s top-tier data centers are configured with the highest performance and redundancy in mind. Our systems are built on an infrastructure that provides the security, performance, and reliability normally found in only the most sophisticated IT departments. The infrastructure is very robust and comes with 24/7 availability and access to your data.

EazyStock redundancy & backups

Internet connections, firewalls and internal networks and storage configuration are all redundant while databases and application servers are running on clustered and fail-over platforms to minimize interruptions and downtime. Backups are sent to an additional secure location on a daily basis to ensure short recovery times and recovery points.

EazyStock scalability

Our data center is designed to enable easy up-scaling and down-scaling of performance and capacity ensuring all EazyStock customers have more than enough processing power and disk space to meet the requirements of their growing business.