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Multi-location Inventory Planning and Redistribution

Having the right products in stock doesn’t solve everything. You also need to have your stock in the right locations in order to guarantee your customers the service they expect.

Supply chains consisting of more than one stock location can be tricky to manage intelligently. With the echelons controlled by different parties, and sometimes with different planning tools and technologies, you can be up for a real challenge. Planning multi-echelons in an ERP or Excel makes it hard to get a synchronized view, and stock locations are often planned independently of others. This tends to result in sub-optimal inventory levels leading to over- or under-stocking situations and excess stock or lost sales.

With EazyStock you can easily manage all your inventory across all locations in one single platform.


The transfer of stocked items between warehouses is referred to as redistribution. EazyStock automatically suggests redistribution of excess inventory from one location to another where the demand for the product is higher. With the redistribution functionality, you can avoid unnecessary purchases and utilize your warehouse space more efficiently.

EazyStock-Multi-location Planning

Virtual warehouse for low demand items

Sometimes you have products with too low demand from a single warehouse location to justify stocking them. However, if you look at the region as a whole, you might find that these items are valuable and should be available within your network. This typically refers to items with very sporadic demand that must be stocked to maintain a high service level, but they’re too expensive and slow moving for stocking in several local warehouses or stock locations.

EazyStock’s Virtual Warehousing allows users to aggregate demand of low volume products across multiple stock locations by applying inventory pooling techniques. Multiple physical local warehouses in a given geographical region act together as a virtual warehouse. This technique reduces inventory levels in the supply chain while demand can be met for the region as a whole.

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