Inventory Redistribution

EazyStock Inventory Redistribution capabilities automatically generate suggestions for the redistribution of products between two or more warehouse or distribution locations to avoid purchasing additional inventory if excess stock exist in the network. This minimizes the risk of unnecessarily tied up capital or, alternatively, shortage situations for products with long lead-time from the supplier.

redistribution inventory

Always the right amount of stock due to smart redistribution

Seamless integration between the inventory rebalancing functionality and calculation of optimized replenishment orders results in easily lowered inventory levels and inventory cost by replacing purchase orders with intra-network transfer orders when appropriate.

EazyStock enables the simple designation of redistribution networks comprised of designated stock locations that can serve as internal suppliers whenever conditions favor transfers over new purchases. Through more effectively allocating and transferring inventories between different stock locations, businesses can ensure that the right products are available in the right location.


  • Prevent ordering from supplier or production when excess stock exists in supply chain
  • Minimize backorders
  • Drain the supply chain of excess stock
  • Decrease inventory costs


  • Flexible configuration of redistribution models
  • Redistribute products when there are inventory imbalances
  • Creates transfer order suggestions automatically

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