Managing Seasonality of Inventory

Seasonality is defined as a characteristic of a time series in which data experiences regular and predictable changes, which recur every calendar year. At EazyStock, we know that seasonality in inventory management can often wreak havoc on supply chain performance and profitability.

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Automatic detection of seasonality

Any predictable change or pattern that recurs or repeats over a selling season or fiscal year can be said to be seasonal and is dynamically tracked in EazyStock’s cloud-based solution. EazyStock Seasonality uses advanced pattern analysis to automatically find and assign a seasonal profile to each item/location record (SKU). It then recommends the ideal profile for each item per location.
By generating a single seasonality pattern from multiple but similar items, EazyStock Seasonality improves the predictive accuracy of seasonal demand changes.

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Improves forecast accuracy

EazyStock Seasonality help manufacturers and wholesaler-distributors create more accurate forecasts of seasonal and geographic demand variations. The solution works for all types of items, even on low volume and slow moving items. Better seasonal forecasting will drive your inventory replenishment processes, resulting in more efficient inventory levels, fewer lost sales and a more profitable bottom line.

Seasonal demand profiles are automatically integrated in your demand forecasting process for each item and location, improving your forecasting accuracy. Proper demand forecasting is a key to avoid poor forecasting outcomes like overstocks, product obsolescence and lost sales. Instead, it’s replaced by increased sales and more profitable margins.

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  • Maximize seasonal sales
  • Minimize residual stock
  • Improves forecast accuracy and precision
  • Greater understanding of hidden assortment attributes and characteristics


  • Automatic identification and categorization of your seasonal products
  • Seasonality is automatically included in forecasts
  • Orders are generated to build up seasonal stock
  • Analyze historical forecasts, trends & demand histories
  • Access seasonality reports for all inventory items

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