Promotion Management

EazyStock dynamically tracks all your marketing and sales campaigns that impact your demand and stocking decisions. Not having enough stock when there’s a surge in demand, or having stock left over when the promotion ends, can both lead to diminishing returns on inventory investment.


Promotions and Campaigns

EazyStock’s Promotion and Campaign Management helps you manage the planning of special events and allows you to make decisions with confidence to ensure your demand shaping activities do not hurt your service level, which in the end could lose you customers if demand is not accurately forecasted.

If you want to leverage promotions to stimulate sales, you need to be able to incorporate these strategies into your forecasts and distribution plans. EazyStock makes this a simple process. You are able to model your demand so you can refine your forecast and replenishment parameters ensuring you maximize the opportunities while minimizing the risks of stock-outs.

New Product Introductions

In addition to promotions, another common risky business initiative is new product introductions (NPI) to the marketplace. The risk and challenge with new product introductions to your supply chain is that it is difficult to forecast demand because there is no historical sales data.

EazyStock has the system support to help you manage the right stocking decisions, ensuring that new products make their way onto store shelves and into shopping carts when they’re supposed to—and are not left stranded in a production facility or warehouse. Your initial and critical stocking decisions can be managed centrally within EazyStock to ensure purchasing and replenishment processes are handled efficiently.

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  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Minimize the risk of run out during campaigns
  • Minimize risk for remnant stock



  • Forecasting and forecast adjustments
  • Initial and critical stocking support
  • Manage new product introductions


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