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EazyStock – the Inventory Optimization App for Dynamics Business Central

Connect EazyStock to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with a simple click and start optimizing your inventory. Our ready-made connector listed on AppSource makes it quick and easy to integrate systems, so you’ll have seamless access to advanced inventory forecasting, planning and replenishment functionality.

Dynamic Forecasting, Stock Classification & Reordering

Business Central’s inventory management module is great for tracking stock items along the supply chain but, like many ERPs, it lacks the ability to optimize inventory levels. This makes it difficult for businesses to achieve fulfillment rates while keeping investment to a minimum.

By connecting EazyStock to Business Central, inventory management teams no longer have to spend time manually calculating forecasts, classifying inventory items or updating planning parameters. EazyStock automates all of these tasks, dynamically adjusting order quantities and reorder points, based on automated demand forecasts and your target service levels.

Is EazyStock for me?

Signs you need to enhance Business Central’s inventory management functionality with EazyStock:

  • You spend too much time manually updating reordering policies and planning parameters
  • Your demand forecasts are often inaccurate
  • Your inventory turnover rate is low
  • Poor stock availability leads to lost sales
  • You have too much capital tied up in surplus stock
  • You have too many obsolete items in stock
  • Managing supplier lead times is a challenge

EazyStock Gives You:

  • Seamless, one-click integration between systems
  • Statistical demand forecasting
  • Dynamic inventory classification
  • Automatically-adjusted reordering parameters that inform purchase order recommendations
  • Higher service levels (stock availability)
  • Optimized inventory levels so less capital is tied up in stock
  • Increased efficiency and time saving
  • Drillable inventory KPI dashboard


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Dynamics Business Central is a great ERP for managing general supply chain operations. Combined with EazyStock, you get a really powerful package that takes inventory management to the next level. Users report higher service levels and lower inventory costs within a few weeks of implementation.

– Agneta Linde Kapoli, Partner Manager at EazyStock


EazyStock is available on AppSource


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