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Stop wasting time calculating forecasts in spreadsheets. With EazyStock, demand forecasting becomes an automated process, saving you time and improving forecasting accuracy.

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Demand Forecasting Software

Demand forecasting software is the foundation of any good inventory management strategy. It helps prevent the build-up of excess stock while ensuring product availability to keep customers happy and competitors at bay.

EazyStock’s demand forecasting software offers advanced functionality that’s easy to use and delivers accurate forecasts that take account of seasonality, trends and promotions. Our demand forecasting algorithms improve service levels and order fulfillment rates without increasing investment in stock.

Statistical Demand Forecasting

Fact: the demand for an inventory item changes as it moves through its product life cycle from growth to maturity and decline.


EazyStock classifies stock items into one of nine different demand types, depending on their life cycle stage and demand profile. This demand type then determines the statistical algorithm used to calculate high precision forecasts.

Seasonality Forecasting

Items with seasonal demand shouldn’t be tricky to manage. EazyStock automatically identifies and integrates seasonal demand profiles into the demand forecasting process. This ensures you have enough stock to cover peaks in demand, with the peace of mind that as orders decline, your stock levels automatically follow.

Forecasting New Products

Create accurate demand forecasts for new products using EazyStock’s supersession and similar item forecasting functionality.


Whether a new item is replacing an existing one or it’s a brand new product launch, EazyStock will create forecasts, based on sales history from existing or similar items, at specific points in time. Pair this with market research and help prevent over and under-stocking when new products enter the market.

Demand forecasting new products

Adjusting Forecasts for Promotions

Manage campaigns like a pro by refining your demand forecasts and replenishment parameters to match planned promotional activity.

EazyStock demand forecasting software makes sure your stock availability stays high when you need it, without the risk of surpluses when demand drops off.

Demand Projections

Knowledge is power! EazyStock lets you create accurate demand projections that look well into the future and consider lead times and potential stock levels. Share scheduled order dates and quantities with suppliers so they can plan their operations, and, in return, you can negotiate the best price and get a more reliable supply.

Demand forecasting projections

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