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Automated Inventory Replenishment

Inventory planners spend far too much valuable time working out what, when and how much stock to reorder. With EazyStock’s automated inventory replenishment functionality, there’s a much easier way.

EazyStock calculates all reordering parameters and dynamically adjusts them when demand forecasts, stock profiles, fulfillment targets or lead times change. Replenishment then becomes market-led, reacting to customer behavior (or production requirements) and supplier performance.

Dynamic Reordering

Stop manually updating your ERP with replenishment data to inform reorder alerts. Simply connect EazyStock, and this time-consuming and error-prone task goes away.


EazyStock calculates replenishment parameters, such as reorder points, reorder quantities and safety stock levels for every stock item you manage. These are then dynamically adjusted based on forecasts, inventory policies and target service levels. The result is a list of order proposals with optimized order quantities that match demand and account for supply disruption and order constraints.


Once approved, orders are simply imported back to your ERP for processing.

Inventory replenishment software

Manage by Exception

Focus on reviewing orders that carry the most risk or deviate from the norm.
EazyStock’s daily output is a list of replenishment recommendations. You can then choose to check every line, or let the system automate those regular, low cost orders.
By only reviewing order exceptions, you’ll have more free time to spend on other tasks.

Order Calendars

Do you like to order on certain days of the week? Does your warehouse only accept deliveries on weekdays? Or do your suppliers have regular shutdowns where no orders can be placed?
To prevent these issues impacting stock availability, EazyStock’s order calendars let you enter the days when orders can be placed, fulfilled by suppliers or delivered to site. Reorder quantities and safety stock levels are then automatically adjusted to cover upcoming demand.

Order Fill up

Meet your suppliers’ contractual minimum order quantities (MOQs), values, volumes or weights, or fill up expensive container space in the most cost-effective way possible.
When placing an order that’s short of its MOQ or container capacity, EazyStock recommends items with upcoming forecasted demand to ‘fill-it-up’, instead of you manually selecting SKUs that could lead to excess stock.

Bill of Materials

Dealing with orders linked to a bill of materials can be a challenge, with different suppliers, lead times, costs and ordering constraints to consider.


EazyStock helps you manage items made up of several components by simply adjusting the inventory policies and replenishment parameters of each one to match the demand for the final product.

Using automated inventory replenishment to manage bill of materials

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