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Proffsmagasinet Improves Inventory Turnover and Service Levels with EazyStock

Inventory turnover and service levels have definitely improved. Now EazyStock makes sure we purchase the right levels of stock to ensure product availability and we can focus on other things.

- Peer Dahlgren, Purchasing Director at Proffsmagasinet Download Case Study Proffsmagasinet

Proffsmagasinet is the premier provider of professional tools and building materials in Sweden. They sell and deliver a wide range of trade tools, accessories, measurement instruments and hardware products as well as safety and workwear.



✓ The challenge: Rapid growth and a need for automation

With Proffsmagasinet experiencing 40% growth in recent years, this impressive and rapid success led to some obvious operational challenges.

As the inventory range grew, so did their need to carry out constant calculations (and recalculations) of stock rules to ensure product availability at all times. This became time consuming for the inventory managers who were using manual processes and often ‘gut feel’ to make inventory management decisions.

✓ The solution: EazyStock + Visma ERP

Proffsmagasinet contacted Exsitec, providers of IT systems, who recommended EazyStock as a complement to their Visma Business ERP.

“At a time when we were constantly growing, it was time-consuming and inefficient to have to continually calculate optimal inventory levels. After a year, the calculation was out-of-date and totally irrelevant, so you had to do it again. It simply wasn’t possible to keep the calculations updated.”

✓ The result: 20% reduction in inventory levels within six months

The integration of EazyStock with Visma Business was fast and smooth, and Proffsmagasinet quickly began to see measurable results.

Proffsmagasinet has a range of 26,000 products, with approximately 9,000 of those kept in stock, so it’s of the utmost importance that they keep their inventory at the optimal levels. With a tool that shows obsolete items and trends, the organization can avoid stocking too much and get support to ensure optimized purchasing levels. Check out the full case study!