EazyStock Wins 2016 Best Cloud Computing Innovation Award

April 4 2016 by Daniel Fritsch

Press Release – Chicago IL., April 4, 2016

THINK. INNOVATION. Is the motto of this years Initiative Mittelstand IT Innovation Awards. Every year since 2004, the Initiative Mittelstand GmbH, based outside of Mannheim Germany, gives out IT innovation awards for best in class technology products. Several thousand companies submitted their solutions for the IT Innovation Awards this year to see who would be crowned the winners.

The awards are presented to enterprises that represent the most innovative products in the technology sector for the middle market. The awards are broken into 14 categories ranging from software, ERP’s, cloud computing and mobile apps to customer management systems (CMS), consulting, business intelligence technology and more. The competition was open to companies of any size, from small family owned businesses to large industrial companies.

All submissions were evaluated by a jury of scientists, professors and industry-sector experts. When assessing the individual solutions, especially the ecological, social, economic and technological benefits were at the forefront of award considerations.

This year, EazyStock was submitted in the category “cloud computing” and won the best technology submission for 2016. EazyStock’s easy ERP system integration combined with its advanced inventory forecasting, inventory purchasing and inventory optimization capabilities helped it stand out in the category as the best cloud computing innovation.

The EazyStock team is very honored to have won the honors of “best cloud computing” product of 2016 according to Initiative Mittelstand.

Learn more about the IT Innovation Award here: http://www.imittelstand.de/innovationspreis-it/2016