EazyStock Joins the BVL Supply Chain Network

June 18 2015 by Daniel Fritsch

BVL International Logo - The Global Supply Chain Network

EazyStock becomes a member of the BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik), Germany’s biggest supply chain network. The mission of BVL, which was founded in 1978, is to act as a neutral platform to promote an awareness for the importance of logistics and supply chain management in the industry to systematically document logistical problems, to develop methods and processes to solve these problems on an interdisciplinary and sector-focused basis and to promote and continuously optimize the application of the relevant solutions.

Today, BVL has more than 10,000 members worldwide – experts and companies from the worlds of industry, commerce, services and science who are actively involved in the business of logistics and supply chain management. BVL is a primarily honorary network of experts that view their role as supporting the exchange of knowledge and ideas among its members. Simultaneously, it avoids representing corporate interests and does not act as a lobbyist and has no agenda in the political field.

The members of BVL possess the expertise and experience that enable them to identify new challenges as well as trends in the early stages – and then to develop and present tailored ideas and concepts to the key current and future players in industry, science and politics with the aim of addressing key issues, helping to promote opinion formation in general and the competitiveness of BVL’s members in particular.

In the future, the BVL aims to create more local events to expand its global logistics network while expanding its research and development practices.

EazyStock, a cloud-based software for a professional inventory management will share its exclusive supply chain management knowledge with the BVL, take part in local events and conferences, and provide interesting content to the BVL blog.

About BVL International

The BVL network unites more than 10,000 leaders and experts in logistics and supply chain management. All sectors are being represented as well as science and politics.

The BVL network is available on an international scale. BVL has Chapters and Representatives “On-Site” in several countries and in Germany. Companies from Production and Trade find the adequate Logistics Service Provider or Logistics Consultant in the online Directory of Service Providers.

For more information about the BVL, please visit http://www.bvl.de/en/

For more information contact:
Dan Dowling, Head of Marketing, US
Office: (312) 626-1826
Email: dan.dowling@syncron.com