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By Rydéns Reduces Manual Processes

EazyStock frees up time and facilitates reordering, and the lower inventory cost is a major plus!

- Marie Martinsson, Purchaser at AB Rydéns Download Case Study By Rydéns

By Rydéns is a Swedish company that sells lamps for both domestic and public use.

✓ The challenge: Manual calculations slowing down supply chain

By Rydéns was manually calculating order amounts for each of their SKUs on a weekly basis, creating long lead times for their customers and more mistakes in the supply chain.

✓ The solution: Automating calculations with EazyStock

By Rydéns sought to increase their accuracy and speed to continue to grow and expand their business and give their customers exceptional service. They added EazyStock to their existing ERP for inventory optimization.

✓ The result: Time for manaul calculations cut by 67%

EazyStock helped By Rydéns speed up their calculations and improve accuracy. Now By Rydéns has deeper insight into their warehouses with EazyStock’s forecasting and automated replenishment. Check out the full case study!