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EazyStock Frees up Time, Facilitates Decisions & Lowers Inventory for By Rydéns

With EazyStock on our side, By Rydéns has improved inventory management and simplified reordering. The system gives us a good indication of what to buy ... it's also great to have an overview of the status of our stock levels.

- Marie Martinsson, Purchaser at AB Rydéns

By Rydéns is a Swedish company that sells lamps for both domestic and public environments around the globe.

✓ The challenge: Manual calculations slowing down supply chain

By Rydéns was manually calculating order quantities for each of their stock items on a weekly basis. Not only was this incredibly time consuming, but it also increased the potential for errors.

✓ The solution: Automating calculations with EazyStock

By Rydéns chose to implement EazyStock to free-up time and facilitate better inventory management. They added EazyStock to their existing ERP. “We have always had pretty good visibility of our stock levels. However, we wanted to reduce the manual and repetitive processes we were carrying out, week after week”.

✓ The result: Time for manual calculations cut by 67%

Since implementation, By Rydéns has reduced their inventory levels by over 5%. With EazyStock, they have a better understanding of their inventory levels and have improved the accuracy of demand forecasts and purchasing proposals.

EazyStock has reduced manual work by over 67%. With less reliance on manual checking, EazyStock minimizes the risk of misunderstandings and human error.