Earn 40% Commission as an EazyStock Referral Partner

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EazyStock Referral Partner Program

Are you an ERP or ecommerce systems reseller with customers carrying stock? Or perhaps a consultancy firm focusing on supply chain management?

Give your customers the inventory optimization tool they need to automate demand forecasting, inventory planning and replenishment. With the EazyStock referral program, you simply make the introductions, and we’ll do the rest.

Introduce your Customers to Inventory Optimization

If you have customers looking to digitalize their inventory management processes, EazyStock can help.

With an inventory optimization tool connected to their ERP, customers will benefit from improved product availability, lower stock levels and the ability to make smarter purchasing decisions.

At the same time, you’ll benefit from an attractive compensation fee for passing on the opportunity.

Your Benefits

As a cloud-based solution with multiple ERP connectors and a wealth of inventory optimization features, EazyStock is easy to sell and simple to set up. Here’s how your business can benefit from partnering with EazyStock.

Add an inventory optimization & replenishment solution to your value proposition.

Earn a one-time 40% commission on EazyStock software subscriptions.

Get help identifying and qualifying potential EazyStock customers.

Easily transition to become an EazyStock Solution Partner.

Improve customer satisfaction with a proven industry-leading cloud software solution.

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