Product Overview

An inventory management system that allows you to have the right amount of stock at the right time.

Eazystock_iMac-croppedAt EazyStock, we believe that healthier supply chains benefit companies in two primary ways. Through a process of inventory optimization, companies can reduce their stock levels by 30% while also increasing service fill rates up to 99%. With EazyStock, you will be equipped to lower your costs and capital investment while increasing customer satisfaction to create a healthier and more profitable supply chain.

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Too much or too little inventory?

For every day your business holds excess inventory you lose money. But, you also lose money if you can’t fulfill customer demand. Have you ever wondered about the how much to order from your suppliers or production facilities? Or when you should replenish your stock? EazyStock can help you better manage your purchasing and replenishment processes.

How to improve your inventory practices?

EazyStock is designed to help companies manage inventory to optimal levels—providing the potential to reduce inventory levels and carrying cost while at the same time increase service levels. It is not a replacement for existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems but an extension that helps your ERP system to work better by continuously providing it with improved forecasts and inventory parameters optimizing your procurement and replenishment process.

Eliminate the guess work across your inventory planning and forecasting that hurts your business. By extending your inventory management system with an optimization tool like EazyStock, your organization will be empowered with a system that automatically calculates your forecasting, planning and replenishment. Make better informed decisions regarding your inventory management with EazyStock.

eazystock-ipad-blackWhat is the EazyStock system?

EazyStock is a user-friendly and fully-automated demand forecasting and inventory optimization software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. It has been developed by Syncron, the global leader in supply chain management software, to provide the necessary functionality and visibility of the timely information required for the effective management of demand forecasts and stock replenishment throughout the supply chain.

Data containing item information, demand history and current stock levels is sent to the system and is used to produce forecasts and inventory parameters. The output from the system is inventory replenishment parameters and/or recommended orders that are confirmed by users and exported from EazyStock and reloaded into your ERP system. The process is simple and easy to manage no matter how much inventory you carry.

By using EazyStock you can put an end to using Excel reports with key inventory optimization parameters and metrics. EazyStock is parameter driven and automatically calculates:

  • What items to stock
  • Demand forecast per product and location
  • Reorder points
  • Safety stock
  • Economic order quantities
  • Inventory key performance indicators (KPIs)

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Will it work for your business?

EazyStock has been developed to meet the specific needs of Small and Midsize Businesses in the manufacturing, wholesale distribution and spare parts industries. To meet our customer needs EazyStock has unique data transfer capabilities making setup lightning fast and provides almost an immediate return on investment.

man-with-computerYou can become an inventory management expert without years of training in statistical and mathematical optimization techniques. With EazyStock you easily eliminate excess and obsolete inventory while avoiding stock-outs to truly optimize your inventory levels.