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Introducing the New EazyStock Inventory Optimization Mobile App

If you’re looking for a mobile app to help you better manage your inventory, then look no further. The EazyStock Mobile App gives you instant access to everything you need from your ERP system data while you are on the go. EazyStock features powerful inventory dashboards and reports to extend senior leaders, financial controllers and purchasing managers a 360 degree view of the inventory they carry.

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“EazyStock customers now have visibility into inventory data on their phones, anywhere they go and that’s changed the way they operate. From executive management down to purchasers and buyers, everyone has access to the data, which helps them manage the business smarter.”

— Peter Drakeley, Head of Customer Success, EazyStock

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Manage Your Inventory Anywhere, Anytime

Now you can get all the vital inventory information you need fast, wherever you go. View your whole network of warehouses and item level data at a glance with the new EazyStock App. Make quicker decisions with real-time data from inventory dashboards, reports and push notification alerts. Keep Management, Operations and Finance all on the same page from mobile devices.

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Collaborate More Efficiently Across Your Supply Chain

Drive more sales, align your team, and keep all your ERP data optimized from anywhere with EazyStock. With our patented integration to almost any ERP system, users can manage unique SKU items, orders, reports, and key performance indicator (KPIs) data from any mobile device. Increase inventory collaboration across departments and different warehouse locations around the globe while sharing system alerts and inventory updates instantly with your team.

Automate Purchasing & Planning

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Increase Customer Satisfaction, Inventory Availability and Sales

With the EazyStock mobile app, inventory buyers can make smarter, more cost effective purchasing decisions. Buyers receive push notification alerts when critical, high demand items are running low in inventory to ensure customers never have to wait on back orders. With EazyStock, businesses can increase product availability, competitive advantage and keep customers coming back time and time again.

Increase Service Levels

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Lower Inventory Costs and Reduce Risk of Obsolescence

With EazyStock’s mobile app, operational managers and inventory buyers have access to real-time inventory counts and demand type forecasts to support smarter purchasing habits. EazyStock advises users what products should be purchased and what products are losing demand to ensure purchasing activities are in alignment with actual customer demand. Avoid building up excess and obsolete stock with EazyStock.

Reduce Inventory Costs

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EazyStock’s mobile app comes standard with dashboards and reports that show stock health analysis, inventory demand types, item level data, orders, supply chain wide key performance indicator data and much more. Get real-time push notifications and access your inventory anywhere you go with EazyStock’s mobile app.

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If you have questions about the EazyStock Mobile App, please contact us via the link below or chat with one of our live agents.