Medical Supply Wholesale Distributors

Accurately predicting demand and optimizing inventory are at the heart of cost reductions around
medical device distribution.

Competition is tough in Medical Supply Wholesale – with around 13,000 businesses in the US alone, optimizing the supply chain can be the difference between life and death for your company, especially as consolidation and concentration is becoming more prevalent.

The medical devices industry is continually growing and diversifying. However, so is the pressure on suppliers who are facing high risks and costly, excess stock.

The Rise of eCommerce

The rise of ecommerce (especially as an option for smaller clinics) combined with a rise of new product introductions means service levels need to be high – while lowering costs seems to be an unsolvable challenge for small players.

Optimize your Inventory and Stay in the Forefront

EazyStock enables you to take control over your inventory and increase service levels while avoiding excess stock in a fast and easy way.

The tool incorporates powerful forecasting, management of variable demand and seasonality, new product introductions, and product substitutions along with optimization of procurement and replenishment.

EazyStock is easy to use, fast to implement, and gives you measurable results, which are proved to show on the bottom line. Keep your edge on the competition and offer the best customer service and lower your inventory risk with EazyStock.

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