Industries Served

Inventory Optimization Software
for Complex Supply Chains

EazyStock Inventory Optimization Software is ideal for wholesale distribution businesses that manage a large assortment of products or spare parts to service their customers. Browse all industry applications below.

Construction materials distribution softwareBuilding & Construction Materials

EazyStock delivers improved inventory forecasting and planning to building material distributers as inventory targets are aligned with seasonal demand requirements to boost sales and minimize unwanted end-of-season stock levels.

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Automotive parts distribution softwareAutomotive Parts & Products

The automotive aftermarket industy is characterized by a high volume of part numbers, slow demand and requirements for immediate product availability. Master your automotive parts and product management with EazyStock.

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E-commerce distribution softwareE-Commerce

EazyStock seamlessly integrates, automates, and synchronizes with all key aspects of managing e-Commerce inventory control and optimization.  Keep your e-commerce business lean and profitable with EazyStock.

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aftermarket parts distribution softwareAftermarket Parts

EazyStock helps Sales, Service and Field Service teams increase the accuracy of spare parts availability while also increasing visibility into the supply chain. Increased first time repairs that maximize customer uptime and efficiency.

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Hardware product distributorsHardware Tools & Products

The hardware and tool distribution industry has little room for trial and error when it comes to inventory control. Respond more quickly to changing customer demands with EazyStock.

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aftermarket parts distribution softwareFarm & Garden Equipment

The farm and garden wholesalers and distributors operate in a highly seasonal environment where unserved orders usually translate into lost sales impacting both the top and bottom line.

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E-commerce distribution softwareHigh Tech & Electronics

EazyStock helps technology and electronics manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers juggle rapid production shifts, new product introductions, short product lifecycles and ever-changing customer demands.

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plumbing and HVAC distribution softwareHVAC & Plumbing

EazyStock helps HVAC and plumbing distributors optimize inventory control to mitigate the risks that come with managing inventory in variable seasonal weather patterns and construction industry trends.

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Medical devices and equipment distributor softwareMedical Devices & Equipment

EazyStock works to accurately predicting demand forecasts to systematically optimize inventory, which is central to effective cost reductions in medical device and equipment distribution.

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aftermarket parts distribution softwareIndustrial Machinery & Equipment

For the industrial machinery and equipment industry, improving stock turns and profits is key for wholesale distribution businesses. Manage large product counts and keep customer satisfaction high with EazyStock.

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