STS Air-Pro Centralizes their Inventory Data for Manufacturing and Distribution with EazyStock

EazyStock has brought structure, visibility and expanded capabilities to STS Air-Pro, instead of us trying to manage forecasting in a spreadsheet with fragmented data. It’s made a huge difference from a management standpoint.
– Steve Parchment, Product Line Director at STS Air-Pro

STS Air-Pro is a hose manufacturer and distributor for the aviation industry, running their entire operation out of Miramar, FL. The company’s rapid growth and lack of a centralized inventory overview was resulting in a buildup of excess stock.


✓ The challenge: A need for systemic inventory management to reduce excess inventory

Stockouts were increasingly common for STS Air-Pro, and their standard response was to heavily restock alleviate the negative consequences of stockouts. This led to constant overstocking with no real analysis of future demand. Additionally, product type and product volume were highly variable. As a quick-response manufacturer, the nature of the company and their customer demands made it difficult to forecast demand manually.

✓ The solution: Adding inventory optimization software to consolidate data

STS Air-Pro’s inventory management was handled within their ERP, but forecasting and ordering were managed in separate spreadsheets with minimal policies in place on reordering. STS Air-Pro sought a solution to consolidate all their inventory data and automatically generate statistical forecasts and recommend purchase orders for replenishment.

✓ The Result: Inventory visibility for better overall management

With a now-centralized view of their inventory, STS Air-Pro is able to easily make decisions regarding forecasting and replenishment. Additionally, stockouts are a thing of the past with EazyStock’s automatic risk of runout report. The automated inventory optimization solution has helped their team pinpoint non-moving SKUs so they can slim down their inventory investment and improve overall product mix.
Read the case study to find out more and to discover how STS Air-Pro plans to use EazyStock in the future!