L. ten Cate uses EazyStock to Reduce Inventory Costs and Boost Service Levels

Using EazyStock has given us immediate insights into our inventory that allow us to make informed decisions, and we have significantly improved our demand forecasting. Our service levels have gone up and we saw positive results after only a few months of using EazyStock.
– Rowdy te Brake, Supply Chain Manager, at L. ten Cate

L. ten Cate is a Dutch reseller of underwear and swimwear carrying products for all ages. L. ten Cate has three different brands, each with a unique position in the market: ten Cate, Tweka and TC WOW.The company stays true to its original pledge to “make top quality underwear and swimwear accessible to everyone.


✓ The challenge: Getting ahold of their inventory management

“It was clear for us that we needed to do something to improve our processes.”

L. ten Cate desperately needed to reduce inventory, improve forecasting and achieve higher service levels. ​Finding the right solution was extremely important for them to keep their promise of “accessible top quality” for their customers from all age groups.

✓ The solution: Adding EazyStock to their ERP

L. ten Cate contacted EazyStock’s Dutch consultants SucceedIT, who recommended EazyStock.

“As we were promised, the implementation process was fast and smooth. EazyStock is the reliable, easy and fast solution we were looking for.”

✓ The result: Reduced inventory value

L. Ten Cate has now been using EazyStock for inventory management for 6 months and so far the inventory costs have decreased by 20%. L. ten Cate expects to see even better results in the future. Check out the full case study!