Improved Dashboard in EazyStock GO

November Product News: Dashboard improvements in EazyStock GO

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Dashboards for actionable KPIs that will help you make informed decisions

We are working hard with the development of new EazyStock GO, adding more functionality all the time. In this sprint we focused on the dashboard in order to make it as intuitive and informative as possible. In today’s data driven world, it’s easy to end up with a cockpit of graphs and gauges. However, a good dashboard should give you an overview of the most important, actionable KPIs to help you make the right, informed decisions. Here are some highlights from the November release.

Create the separate filtering component on Dashboard

What’s new?

You are now able to filter the dashboard on stocked or non-stocked items.
Filtering dashboards in EazyStock

How will this help you?

First of all, this type of filtering is more consistent with other parts of the tools, like the inventory view. Secondly it provides a very fast and intuitive way to view metrics for your stocked vs non-stocked items.

Service Level Forecast

Service level forecast dashboard in EazyStock

What’s new?
Get a prediction of your service level for the upcoming period of time, in an easily accessible view.

How will this help you?
This new functionality will allow you to quickly see a prediction of your upcoming service levels so that you can take fast actions to avoid deliverability problems down the line.

Switch between gauge and chart view on the Dashboard

What’s new?
You can now choose to display service level and stock turn in a chart view or gauge on the dashboard, and easily switch between the two.

Gauge switch on dashboard in EazyStock

How will this help you?

  • This will make it easier to analyze high level data and allows you to instantly discover a trend change. You can then easily drill down into the detailed history to analyze the development further.
  • You will still be able to switch back and forth between the chart view and gauges, so that you can always view an event in your preferred way.


13+1 months of data in dashboard KPIs

What’s new?

KPI data is now displaying 13+1 months/53+1 weeks of data on the dashboard.
13+1 months dashboard in EazyStock

How will this help you?

This view makes it possible to see the development over the year and understand how the current period compares to the same period last year.

These were some of the highlights of this release. Stay tuned for more product updates.


2 min read

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