Inventory Assessment and Health Check Up

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Inventory Assessment and Health Check Up


Wholesale distributors have a tendency to carry a lot of “unhealthy” inventory in their supply chain. Slow moving, expensive items get placed in their warehouses only to become excess stock or even obsolete stock which ties up working capital and compounds carrying costs associated with storing those items.

The feedback we have received from wholesale distributors, ranging from Hardware to HVAC to the Lumber industry, is that they could use a “health check up” for their inventory. At the end of the day, traditional inventory management and enterprise resource planning tools aren’t enough to help maximize profitability and performance. Regardless of industry, each business we talk to desires to achieve the following:

  • Lower excess stock and obsolete stock levels
  • Increase customer satisfaction and service levels
  • Increase accuracy of stock replenishment and procurement
  • Deploy systematic improvements within days not months or years
  • Extend optimization capability to on-premise legacy systems

Eazystock is offering a free inventory assessment and health check up for businesses looking for an objective 3rd party report of their inventory health.

The report is free and presented back in the form of an executive summary that can be shared internally within your organization. Think of it as an annual physical for your inventory without a co-pay.

What Results Can You Expect from the Analysis?

The EazyStock health check up gives you access to a supply chain consultant who will offer insights into areas of your unique business where costs can be systematically reduced to free up cash flow and working capital.

Our team of inventory optimization experts and consultants will analyse your current inventory management processes and data to help you identify areas of improvement to measurably improve your demand forecasting, supplier planning, inventory optimization, and procurement planning processes.

EazyStock customers report strong financial results within the first six months of implementation, including the following

▪ Decrease inventory by upwards of 30%
▪ Decrease stock outs by 10-15%
▪ Identify and address excess and obsolete inventory
▪ Decrease supplier lead times from 30-50%
▪ Increase planner productivity 10-20%.

Remember Eazystock is an enhancement to your current inventory management system not a replacement. The inventory health assessment e-book contains 12 questions and accompanying explanations that will help you quickly evaluate how well your inventory is being managed.

eBook - 12 Questions Inventory Health Self-Assessment


2 min read

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