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  1. The Present and Future of EazyStock
  2. The EazyStock Brand
  3. An Agile Launch

Have you seen our new look? If not, go to www.eazystock.com and take a peep! But first we would like to say a few words about the new makeover, where we are going and what you can expect from the EazyStock as a business, product and brand!

The Present and Future of EazyStock

EazyStock service levels on tablet and mobileWe have always had small- and mid-sized companies close to our hearts, and we put all our passion into building a product to help them become more efficient and competitive. To do so we need to keep on our toes and work closely with our users to understand their needs and make sure our technology is top notch.
In a recent blog post “The Past, the Present and the Ffture of EazyStock”, we talked about the product vision and development. This brand face-lift is a reflection of both where we find ourselves as a business today and where we want to go.

The EazyStock Brand


”EazyStock enables small- to mid-sized distribution businesses with a competitive advantage in order to thrive in an ever-changing world.”

The only constant is change, especially in 2018 when digitalization and globalization change consumer behavior faster than ever before – and therefore the demand on distributors is evolving as well. We believe that the only way to prepare for new challenges is to equip yourself with processes and tools that help you become more effective, agile, and in control of your current situation.


“A world where the right products are available on time, the first time, every time.”
Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful world? We think so, and we believe that SMBs should be part of fulfilling this vision.

Brand Promise:

“EazyStock enables small- and mid-sized distribution companies to deliver exceptional service to their customers while automating processes and lowering their inventories.”
It’s as simple as that – and it’s a promise we are committed to keeping. Higher service levels, lower inventory and automated, more efficient processes: that’s what EazyStock is about. On top of that, you can add “super fast and easy to use and implement” for busy purchasers, planners or inventory managers at small- to mid-sized companies. We know you don’t have time to waste.

An Agile Launch

We could have shut down our business for a year to work a huge branding project and open up with a bombastic launch… but that’s not the way we work.
In a true agile fashion, we will re-design our web-page step by step, starting with the home page. This way we can build, measure and learn, listen to your feedback, improve and build some more.
So stay tuned for the magic to happen in the months to come! Until then, please submit your feedback via this contact form.

Team EazyStock

EazyStock Powerful Inventory Optimization made Simple


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2 min read

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