Methodology for “Eazy” Software Deployments

Getting Started: A Methodology for “Eazy” Software Deployments

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  1. An interview with Peter Drakeley, EazyStock’s Head of Customer Success

An interview with Peter Drakeley, EazyStock’s Head of Customer Success

Q: “Software deployments are not often times described as easy tasks for companies. How is ‘Getting Started’ with EazyStock different than other technology projects?”

A: “As you know EazyStock is not your average cloud-based software company.  We are 200% focused on innovating both the product and the way we deliver our products to deliver the maximum possible success to our customers. Getting started is another example of the way we are innovating our software deployment processes to make it quicker, more pain free and more cost effective for our customers to on-board EazyStock.

Getting Started is a completely new way of approaching software product deployments. Traditionally and most simply the procurement of Software as a Service (SaaS) will consist of at least two fee components, the recurring fee for the provision of the software and necessary infrastructure and a one-off and sometimes quite sizable fee for an associated long lasting implementation project.

Our approach with EazyStock Getting Started is in effect to remove the need for a sizable up-front project cost and to focus on getting our customers started with using and benefiting from EazyStock quickly. Or in other words, to minimise the time it takes for our customers to realize their first business value delivered from EazyStock.”


Q: “And how’s it going so far for you and the Customer Success Team at EazyStock?”

A: “It’s going well! With some basic inventory data and information from our customer, we can create an EazyStock development environment for that specific customer to begin exchanging and optimising data between their ERP system and EazyStock. On average we are able to on-boarding customers in less than 2 days. Compared to other major technology deployments, this turnaround time is unheard of in our industry. Most ERP system deployments or even replacements can take up to 12-18 months to implement and another 12 months to start seeing actionable value from the investment.”


Q: “Explain a little more in detail how EazyStock’s Getting Started methodology is different from a traditional implementation? Why is it so fast?”

A: “We have 3 specific areas in which we have optimised our processes:

1. Instance Deployment – which means we can now get an empty instance (or blank slate) of EazyStock available for configuration in less than 2 hours.

2. ERP Partner Development – we are growing our partner network amongst ERP vendors in order to be able to get the inbound and outbound data for EazyStock available quickly. For the more popular ERP systems we develop simple connectors that easily integrate the ERP system and EazyStock. For those ERP’s where we don’t have a partnership we can either use widely available standard communication protocols to exchange data, or as a backup we can exchange data with Excel sheet upload and downloads from EazyStock itself.

3. Benchmarked parameter sets – finally and possibly most crucially we have worked with our colleagues at Syncron in order to benchmark best practise industry mapping parameters for each of our target verticals including Automotive, HVAC, Construction Equipment and many other wholesale distribution businesses. These are now available ‘out of the box’ in EazyStock meaning based on the customer’s industry we can apply a specific set of proven system parameters to optimise their businesses without the need for a detailed business analysis. This innovative approach eliminates the need for costly integration projects and accelerates the speed at which the system can start working for the customer.”


Q: “So you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing a detailed business analysis?”

A: “With the steps we have taken we’ve significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to achieve the 3 main milestones of a software deployment; instance availability, configuration and integration. But specifically regarding the data sets, what it means is that we don’t need to spend time doing a detailed business analysis. We can deliver a system which, out of the box from day 1, will deliver significant business improvements to our customers. This results in a reduction in the amount of effort necessary to set up the application and also the amount of time it takes from the procurement of the software to the point at which it first starts to deliver real value to our customers.

Now that doesn’t mean that we won’t optimise the parameters on a per customer basis. Each of our customers is assigned a Customer Success Manager who is working with the application on an on-going basis looking for opportunities to further improve the results. What it does mean is that we can do our analysis on the latest most up to date customer data rather than an outdated data set. Also, because the customers are using EazyStock in a live EazyStock environment they have more relevant knowledge of it’s features and can make better and more involved decisions in how they want the system to be configured.

We believe this is a significant advantage that overall minimises the time to get to a unique instance in place for the customer. Putting it simply, Getting Started makes the EazyStock on-boarding process truly agile.”


Q: “How does the EazyStock Customer Success Team engage or manage the on-boarding process for the customer?”

A: “At EazyStock, we have defined 4 strategic themes to drive our continued innovation in product and deployment, as well as, ensuring that we only work with prospects we know fit well with EazyStock.

1. ‘We Optimize Daily’ 
Deploying software can be a scary unfamiliar process for our customers. It doesn’t seem that way for us as we are doing it every day. This theme is to help us ensure we leverage our experience in the right way to make the change management process easier for our customers.

2. ‘EAZY Upgrades’
This is exactly what it sounds like. We want to make EazyStock upgrades totally effort free for our customers. We’re doing this with things like automated testing frameworks to deliver results assurance before we deploy the latest releases, meaning that our customers are free to enjoy the new features without the stress of worrying about whether there will be system issues or errors.

3. ‘One Click EazyStock’
EazyStock’s connectors embody the Getting Started methodology. With some basic business information from the customer, our customer success managers can integrate the system data mapping process and from there we press a button and your EazyStock is good to go. It’s agile and fast software on-boarding…. but not as you know it!

4. ‘Build Customer Evangelists’
Customer Success is our Number 1 core value at EazyStock and we consider ourselves the custodians of it! This theme is about not only how we further the success of our customers from what we do in the customer success team but also about how we can help to promote that philosophy in all departments of our organisation. We want all of our customers to be hard-core EazyStock fans!”


Q: “What would you say to a distributor that was interested in seeing an EazyStock demonstration?”

A: “EazyStock is the best inventory optimization solution out there today. The platform has been developed for 15+ years by Syncron, the leader in aftermarket service parts for some of the worlds best supply chains. For the project sensitive managers, EazyStock is delivered through a cloud offering, which means it is easy to access and use, quick to get started and comes with very competitive pricing options including low monthly SaaS fees. Overall, it is a minimal risk for you that has potential to deliver lots of positive returns!

Take a look for yourself:


Peter Drakeley Head Shot

Peter Drakeley
Head of Customer Success, EazyStock

As the Head of Customer Success for EazyStock Peter is ultimately responsible for the success of all EazyStock Customers worldwide. Peter’s team provide the expert system on boarding  and change management support necessary to guide customers from the acquisition process, into full product adoption and beyond. 

Peter is obsessed with ensuring that maximum business value is achieved by each and every EazyStock customer, and is focused strategically on innovating the products and processes associated with EazyStock adoption to make it the most complete, easy to get started, and fastest business value delivery inventory optimization service available.

Peter joined Syncron in 2008 and brings 8 years of experience of leading large scale inventory optimization projects across multiple industries around the world. Prior to joining EazyStock Peter led the Syncron consultancy organisation covering Western Europe and Asia, alongside programmes in Africa, the Middle East and USA.

Peter is passionate about lifelong learning and holds a Masters of Science Degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Birmingham alongside a growing list of business certifications currently including project management, accountancy and marketing.

Follow Peter on LinkedIn:


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