EazyStock on The Freight Project Podcast by Cerasis

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Dominik Seidel   August 29 2018

EazyStock on The Freight Project podcast by Cerasis

EazyStock recently appeared on The Freight Project Podcast hosted by Marketing Manager Adam Robinson at Cerasis to address the most pressing challenges that inventory managers face. On this episode, EazyStock Marketing Specialist Margaret Bendis introduces what defines inventory management and what red flags to watch for in your inventory, how inventory management affects the entire supply chain, what digitization is doing for inventory management, and how inventory management supports omnichannel sales for retailers.

To listen to The Freight Project Podcast episode on inventory management, use the link below, or visit Cerasis’ blog for more ways to listen.

Why Digital Tools to Optimize Inventory Management Allows Supply Chain Execs to Stay More Strategic at Every Link in the Supply Chain

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