EazyStock 15.1 Release Notes & Feature Highlights

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EazyStock Release Notes & Feature


This blog post is a summary of the 15.1 release notes regarding the latest information about new features, enhancements to existing features, and bugs fixed in the latest EazyStock’s upgrade for the professional and premium editions.

At EazyStock, we are committed to enhancing and expanding the ever growing feature sets and functionality of our platform to help our customers achieve the highest level of inventory optimization across their supply chains.

Release 15.1 is an assortment of upgrades that have been requested by customers as well as best in practice upgrades from Syncron’s Global Inventory Management application.


The release notes summary of contents:

  1. Order fill up optimization
  2. Stepwise pricing for supplier discounts
  3. Economic order quantity pricing based on orders per year
  4. Manual item level overrides
  5. User experience and design enhancements
  6. Browser upgrades to Internet Explorer
  7. Replenishment parameter enhancements

1. Order fill-up

Many of our customers still find themselves placing smaller orders to suppliers day after day even thought it would be much more cost effective to order all these goods at once to save on transportation & ordering costs.

With the 15.1 system upgrade, users can now “fill up” larger replenishment orders to ensure they are maximizing logistics savings right in EazyStock.

  • While reviewing orders towards a supplier in question (1) bring up Order fill-up dialog by clicking Order fill-up button. (2)
  • The dialog shows orders that are likely to be proposed in the nearest days for items filtered as on the underlying screen. (A)
  • Select anticipated orders you’d like to place straight away (B) and adjust their quantities (C) while observing how these changes affect overall stats for today’s orders (D) in order to find best savings on transportation & ordering costs.
  • Don’t like manual work? Use Automatic order fill-up section (F) to specify your expectations for the overall stats and have the orders selected automatically.
  • Once happy with the outcome, turn your choices into actual orders by clicking Create selected orders button. (E)
Order fill up screen shot

Order fill up screen shot


2. Stepwise pricing

Tired of reviewing proposed orders manually to see if your order quantities qualify for discounts with suppliers? With EazyStock 15.1, supplier discounts are automatically calculated for users to evaluate the actual cost benefits of different order sizes. Users can now more easily analyze if it financially makes sense to place smaller or larger batch orders.

Stepwise pricing capability in EazyStock makes the supplier analysis and optimization an automated task in the system.

  • First off, to enable this new feature, contact an EazyStock consultant to have Stepwise pricing set-up (1)
  • To have order quantities optimized even better, taking into account both discounts and costs of placing larger orders, provide additional information:
    • Operational cost of placing a single order (what costs you incur for placing an order apart from price of the ordered items).
    • Cost of holding stock in a warehouse (expressed as percentage of item price / year).
  • Override the ordering cost for particular items if needed. (2)
  • Use bulk file uploads to provide discount data just as you provide any other item information. (3)
  • Observe quantities of the proposed orders (4) adjusted to take best advantage of discount opportunities right from the system. (5)
Stepwise pricing screen shot

Stepwise pricing screen shot


3. Economic order quantity (EOQ) number of orders per year

EazyStock’s EOQ features measure how much you pay for an order, how much you pay for keeping stock on the shelves, and how much you sell to translate order frequency & quantity that is most cost-efficient for your inventory.

With EazyStock 15.1, users can provide with the above inputs to the system from their ERP and EazyStock will find an optimal place for each of your items on the small-frequent / large-rare ordering scale.

  • Contact EazyStock consultant to have Economic order quantity set-up (1) and provide required information:
    • Operational cost of placing a single order (what you pay for placing an order apart from price of the ordered items).
    • Cost of holding stock in a warehouse (expressed as percentage of item price / year)
  • Override the ordering cost for particular items if needed. (2)
  • Observe how frequency and quantity of orders are adjusted on per-item basis to provide you with optimal savings on ordering & stocking cost. (3)
Economic order quantity (EOQ) screen shot

Economic order quantity (EOQ) screen shot


4. Item overrides reworked

In EazyStock 15.1 the way overrides are presented & managed has been thoroughly reworked. In our new release our manual stocking suggestion options have been unified, simplified & redesigned.

Our enhanced configuration provides new ways of inspecting existing override settings. Item overrides now come with complex filtering, saved filters, export, and mass deletion capabilities.

  • To add or modify an override find the value you’re interested in and click pencil icon next to it (1) to bring up the Override configuration dialog (2). Use the dialog to choose how (3), when (4), and comment why (5) the override should affect values proposed by EazyStock.
  • To review all overrides defined for an item simply click the pencil icon next to item number (A) to bring up the Item overrides dialog (B). The dialog presents what overrides are defined (C), how they affect values proposed by EazyStock (D), and what is their origin (E). Many more details can be added to the grid under the cog icon (F).
Reworked overrides screen shot

Reworked overrides screen shot


  • To get an overall picture for all your items check out brand new Item overrides report that replaces what was formerly known simply as Override report. The screens presents the same kind of information as Item overrides dialog, but is additionally enhanced with complex filtering (A), saved filters (B), export (C), and mass deletion. (D)
Item level overrides screen shot

Item level overrides screen shot


5. User experience improvements

EazyStock 15.1 comes with several major changes aimed at improving overall user experience:

  • A new look & feel for the 15.1 user interface has been released. We have redesigned login and logout screens, the top menu, progress bars, changed the color palette, and made many more improvements, aiming to provide a cleaner and modern interface.
  • The chart engine used has been replaced with Highcharts. Apart from its superior chart appearance, new features include zooming in on a chart fragment or clicking on a data point to drill down for additional details.
  • The EazyStock menu has been reorganized and refined to make looking for desired screen as easy as possible.
Enhanced graphical user interface screen shot

Enhanced graphical user interface screen shot


6. Browser Upgrades to Internet Explorer 11

To provide you with an even greater user experience EazyStock 15.1 introduces support for Internet Explorer 11 – the newest version of this popular browser. It is faster, more memory-efficient and better adheres to Web standards than its predecessors.

  • EazyStock will upgrade to only support Internet Explorer 9,10,11 and Firefox 24+ browser options, which will deliver better performance, more predictable behavior and fewer bugs.
Browser enhancements screen shot

Browser enhancements screen shot


7. Enhancements of replenishment parameters calculations

Several improvements have been applied to calculation algorithms of replenishment parameters in EazyStock 15.1 to further enhance the inventory optimization capabilities and to make integration with your ERP system easier.

  • Order levels have been updated to full integer values
  • Buffer stock and safety stock levels have been rounded to decimals
  • Improved definition of buffer stock values for slow and lumpy item demand patterns
  • New order below / Order at setting allowing to change order level definition used by EazyStock to the one used by your ERP system for further systems integration and alignment
  • Possibility to take stock multiple constraints into account during order level computation is now available.
Replenishment and reordering parameters screen shot

Replenishment and reordering parameters screen shot


If you have any questions regarding the release notes, your current system upgrade or if you are operating on an older version of EazyStock and wish to learn more about migrating to a new version, please reach out to your account executive or contact support@eazystock.com. To learn more about how EazyStock can further help you, download your free copy of the white paper Inventory Health Self-Assessment here and find out what questions you need to be asking to optimize your inventory.

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