8 Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications

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Daniel Fritsch   June 4 2015

Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications


  1. Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications Top 8

In today’s real-time business environment getting goods where they need to be quickly and cost-effectively is of paramount importance. To stay ahead smartphones, mobile applications and devices are fast becoming must-have tools for operations, logistics and supply chain professionals.

Savvy supply chain professionals are aligning their business with the latest and greatest mobility devices and applications to help them stay in front of the competition.

These mobile applications help companies do everything from track inventory and shipments, to executing procurement transactions and reordering processes, to collaborating in real-time with internal and external supplier partners. There are even apps that tell you the if your customers are posting negative things about your company or brand on social media.

Tapping into these tools helps logistics executives improve supply chain functionality, productivity, and profitability. In this blog we’ll break down a few of the top supply chain mobile applications in the market today that are breaking down barriers in logistics, supply chain and warehousing management.

Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Applications Top 8

1. Logistics – Logistics Management
Logistics is a completely free app designed to Android devices that tracks drivers, vehicles, shipments, and clients in this all-in-one app among the supply chain mobile applications. Take a movement to let that register! This app wields some serious operational capabilities if you need help juggling your warehousing and logistics operations. Look no further is you are looking for a mobile app solution that can help extend visibility into your entire supply chain right from your smart phone.

2. TomTom WEBFLEET – Telematics Solution
When your workforce is out and about, it can be difficult to retain control of your day-to-day operations. TomTom has developed an app called WEBFLEET, which tracks day-today operations for an ever mobile workforce. It is an online application that enables you to manage your fleet 24 hours a day. WEBFLEET is accessible through a web browser where operations managers can manage in real-time their entire field operation from the comfort of a laptop or smart phone.

3. Scandit – Advanced Barcode Scanning
Scandit is a supply chain mobile application that extends barcode scanning to the tech savvy inventory manager on the go. Turn any phone, Android or iOS, into an advanced barcode scanner with Scandit. Unlike other barcode or QR code scanners, Scandit doesn’t need the scan to be perfect for the data to be processes. Scan hard to reach or see barcodes with ease. Scandit also is enabled with cross-platform capabilities enabling easy sharing of data across other smartphones, tablets and computers.

4. EazyStock – Inventory Optimization Software
EazyStock in a cloud based inventory optimization tool that systematically reduces excess and obsolete stock levels (bad inventory) from your warehouse locations to reduce costs while increasing the availability of your faster turning more profitable items (healthy inventory). With easy API integrations with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, inventory managers can automate procurement and replenishment processes that historically were guesswork cutting into profit margins. Fancy KPI dashboards show you how you are stacking up month to month and call out areas where there is room to cut costs. The system makes forecasting and inventory planning easy.

5. Evernote – Online File & Document Storage
Evernote is not specifically designed for the inventory management, warehousing and logistics field, however this app is one of the best tools for organizing important files, images and documents and is therefore a popular app among the supply chain mobile applications. The app even has voice recording technology built in for capturing important memos when you are away from your laptop or can’t spend time typing out notes. It is a free tool to use, is available on most every platform and will drastically improve planner productivity and ease of document management on the go.

6. CoPilot Truck– Map & Direction Routing
This is app is a game changer for the professional truck driver industry. CoPilot is an easy to use app that offers vital turn-by-turn navigation. Not your average Google Maps app, CoPilot has a few additional algorithms under the hood to help drivers follow more efficient routes based off of dynamic information: routing parameters, load type for hazardous material transport, and truck height and weight recommendations.

7. ServiceMax – Field Service Management
ServiceMax is one of the top mobile apps for field service management. Built 100% on the Salesforce1 Platform, the app seamlessly integrates field service contracts, order management, workforce optimization, parts management, social media customer monitoring, customer communities and analytics into a companies salesforce.com system. When it comes to building an end-to-end view of your service organization, ServiceMax delivers as a 360-degree view from your call center and service agent performance all the way down to the good (or bad) twitter post your customer just shared with their peers about your service.

8. GasBuddy – Cheap Gas Finder
The free GasBuddy app finds the cheapest gas station in the area and is therefore one of the most common used supply chain mobile applications. The app dynamically compiles information from a large user base across the United States and Canada to help find you the lowest prices across thousands of different stations. For fleets hauling freight across country, saving a few cents per gallon can add up quickly and produce some serious savings.

Learn more about these fantastic optimizing tools and find out best practices for using them to serve your company with your free copy of our white paper “8 Amazing Logistics & Supply Chain Mobile Apps”.

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