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Powerful Inventory Optimization

Powerful Inventory Optimization Made Simple

The cloud solution that helps SMBs take control of their inventory, lower costs and automate purchasing.

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Why EazyStock?

EazyStock helps your small- or mid-sized business thrive in a competitive market in a continually evolving world. Optimized inventory will make you more competitive with higher service levels, get a healthier financial situation with lower inventory levels and be more efficient with automated processes.

Improve Service Levels

Deliver on time, every time and stay ahead of your competitors with excellent service levels. EazyStock calculates the optimal inventory levels and generates automated purchase orders so that you can rely on always having the right products in stock.

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Lower Inventory Levels

Get rid of surplus inventory and reduce the risk and costs that come with capital tied up in inventory. With EazyStock you will be able to release capital that can be invested to spur growth and make a difference on your bottom line.

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Forget inefficient, manual processes and free up time to focus on more value adding activities. EazyStock easily connects to your ERP and returns optimized purchase orders. You only take action when the system alerts you.

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“EazyStock has improved our ability to print the right quantities of the right titles to suit market demand. At the same time, we’ve optimized our stock levels and inventory investment, and ensured stockouts are now few and far between.”

James Bensberg, Director of Systems & Business Support

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“EazyStock is a very advanced tool that provides a high level of service in terms of delivery, whilst also ensuring that we only have the stock levels that demand requires. As a customer you get a whole new view of inventory and can act proactively to changes in demand for individual items.”

Jan Kraft, CEO at GSAB

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Previously we were reviewing and classifying our inventory using an ABC analysis framework on a quarterly basis, now EazyStock automatically adjusts stocking policies in a much more sophisticated way – on a daily basis.

Amy Johnson, Supply Chain Manager at SCM Turbomotive

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EazyStock is the solution we needed to streamline our operations and keep up with the fast-moving healthcare industry

Karl van Emmerik, Logistics Manager at Abena Netherlands

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Using EazyStock has given us immediate insights to make informed decisions and we’ve significantly improved our demand forecasting. Our service levels have gone up and we’ve seen positive results after only a few months.

Rowdy te Brake, Supply Chain Manager, at L. ten Cate.

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Powerful – But Easy to Use

EazyStock is an Inventory Optimization Solution for wholesalers and distributors who need to buy smarter, plan faster and service better. EazyStock works with existing inventory systems to lower operational costs and increase revenue. Click on the feature options below to learn more.

All Features

Demand Forecasting

Improve your predictions with demand forecasting based on the different demand patterns of your products.

Inventory Optimization

Meet your target customer service levels with the lowest possible inventory costs and capital investment.

Replenishment Execution

Automate your purchasing to make sure you always have the right products in the right place at the right time.


Adjust the demand for seasonal products automatically to make sure you meet your annual surges and droughts.

Promotion Management

Make sure your promotions and campaigns get tracked and your inventory levels are updated accordingly.

Multi-location Planning

Optimize the distribution of your inventory across multiple warehouse locations.

KPI’s & Reports

Stay informed about your inventory with the always up-to-date KPI and reports dashboard.

Supplier Management

Manage changing schedules and your various suppliers and ensure you take holidays and production schedules into account.

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Do you need to raise your service levels, decrease your inventory and get serious about your inventory management? EazyStock is built on Syncron’s powerful platform and our dedicated R&D team is constantly investing in the latest technology to guarantee the best solution out there for our customers.

EazyStock is cloud based and integrates with any ERP quickly and easily. Click on the feature options below to learn more!

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