Acumatica Readymade Integration

Two powerful cloud apps in one seamless experience.


The readymade connector with EazyStock creates a smooth experience for distribution companies and allows them to optimize their inventory with a click. Acumatica’s native cloud ERP solution is designed to improve the productivity of small- and mid-sized businesses. The system is super flexible, scalable, easy to use, and available from anywhere, regardless of device.

By adding EazyStock to Acumatica, users will be able to automate their inventory planning processes and save both time and money while increasing their product availability. What makes a customer invest in EazyStock is the dynamic and automatic recalculation of order quantities, reorder levels, and safety stock based on sales history. That is why EazyStock customers have better service levels, higher productivity, and better performance than their competitors!

Key Features

  • Inventory planning automation
  • Raised service levels
  • Control of capital tied up in inventory
  • Seemless integration to Acumatica

Christian Lindberg, Vice President of Partner Solutions


“We have a vibrant and innovative partner ecosystem built around Acumatica. Developing applications for Acumatica allows our partners to access our latest technologies and deliver true competitive advantage to their customers. We congratulate EazyStock with bringing their innovative app to the marketplace.”

Julia Montgomery, Partner Success Manager at EazyStock

“EazyStock’s connector makes it faster and easier for Acumatica users to optimize their inventory than ever before. It’s great to be a part of Acumatica’s ISV community and to be able to provide an add-on that enhances the ERP and gives true value and measurable results to distribution companies.”

Acumatica ERP and Eazystock Build Connector to Optimize Inventory
Eazystock Inventory Optimization Application Certified By Acumatica
EazyStock Application Certified by Acumatica