Customer Success

We are dedicated to your success and nothing is more important to us than the success of our customers.

This is what you can expect from the EazyStock team once you have decided to get going.



1. Customer Success Manager

When you are ready to go with EazyStock, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be appointed at your service. The CSMs role is to ensure that you have everything you need to achieve your inventory management goals with EazyStock.

Your CSM is an experienced inventory management expert who will be your primary point of contact at EazyStock. You can always reach out to your CSM for questions or guidance on best practices as well as discussing your long-term inventory goals.


2. Onboarding

Your CSM will manage the initial installation of EazyStock together with our implementation specialists. Getting started with EazyStock is quick and easy. The time it takes will depend on which EazyStock edition you have selected; typically it will take from only a few days up to 90 days. The CSM will insure that EazyStock is set up in an optimal way for your business.


3. After go-live

When you are live with EazyStock, a support account will be created for you. Your CSM will walk you through how you access the support for any acquires you may have.

 customer success follow up call

4. Follow up call

During the first 3 months after the launch, a 30 minute follow up call is scheduled each month to ensure that everything is going well.

EazyStock Inventory Dashboard

5. Health check

After 6 months an evaluation call will be scheduled to evaluate the functionalities you are using and to see if there is a need for any additional functionality. We analyze current parameter settings and evaluate if there is a need for any changes or if we can support you extract increased ROI from working in a smarter way with EazyStock.


6. Continuous contact

The CSM will have continuous contact with you via email or phone. You will hear from your CSM at least once per quarter. The purpose is to ensure you get all the support you need as well as that EazyStock is performing in accordance to expectations for your business.


7. Customer input matters

Every EazyStock user has valuable insight and we want your feedback to further improve and develop EazyStock so you can meet and exceed your inventory management goals. We are always open to new suggestions and your support tickets also act as a compass to guide product quality improvements and new feature development. Moreover, once a year your CSM plan a specific product development session with you to ensure we capture your enhancement requirements.

Additionally, we also conduct an annual Customer Survey which helps us analyze and plan for further improvements of EazyStock and our services.