EazyStock is a Cloud application designed to assist companies with single- or multi-echelon networks. The typical customers are a small or medium-sized business who buy or make thousands of items to stock.


We guarantee to:

  • Align inventory with customer demand
  • Increase sales by minimizing stockouts
  • Improve inventory turnover rate
  • Eliminate overstocking and  obsolescence
  • Decrease high cost rush orders

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Easy onboarding with EazyStock

Most software vendors today claim they can deliver these types of benefits to their clients.

What makes EazyStock unique is that it is fast to set up with a straight forward onboarding process. With our smart and easy to use data importer you are up and running within a week, offering immediate business value and a quick return on your investment.

Petteri Laitinen, Customer Service Director at ElematicEazyStock provides the best functionality on the market for aftermarket inventory planning. The automated exception based software will raise our process efficiency and customer service.

Petteri Laitinen, Customer Service Director at Elematic

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