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Automated inventory planning for high product availability at lower costs

automotive parts and product inventory management software

The automotive aftermarket industry is characterised by a high volume of part numbers, slow demand and requirements for immediate product availability. Aftermarket distributors and deals are often squeezed between increasing customer demands, competitive pressures, and the accelerating spread of manufacturers across the globe. Narrow profit margins and the high cost of excess inventory make cost control and efficiency critical.

Inventory Management Solutions for Automotive Distributors

EazyStock iPad farm and garden equipment mobile dashboardEazyStock is designed to support forecasting of intermittent demand, replenishment planning and inventory optimisation across distribution and dealer networks. You will be able to accurately forecast demand for your service parts, so you have the right quantity in the right place at the right time, without holding excess inventory and tying up capital.

Furthermore, complex part supersession, replacement rules, and mission critical stock is all managed by EazyStock. EazyStock can help you create new opportunities to increase operational efficiency across your business, fill orders faster, and reduce inventory and distribution costs across complex and highly dynamic supply chains.

Dealer Management Capabilities:

For dealer groups we offer multi-echelon optimisation with automatic replenishment of the customer facing dealers.

We are experts in service parts planning and offer a straight forward Excel data exchange between the dealer management system (DMS) and EazyStock. This means that no integration is necessary so the dealership can be up and running, getting the inventory levels optimised while achieving the high service level targets, within weeks.

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Why Choose EazyStock?

Easy to use and implement 

  • Advanced calculations do the heavy lifting, keeping the software simple to use
  • Exception based alerts keep you focused on what is important
  • Streamlined integration and fast deployment provides fast ROI

Provide visibility across all items and locations

  • Drill down into inventory data and metrics with dashboards and reports
  • KPIs and analytics provide key strategic information for targeted action plans
  • Online stocking simulation capabilities for strategic decision making

Benefits for Automotive Parts Distributors:

  • Lower inventory levels & costs
    Minimise risk of excess and obsolete stock levels
  • Happier customers
    Improve service levels increasing your revenue and sales
  • Improved efficiency
    Minimise manual handling for stock replenishment

Inventory Optimisation Software Made Easy

Advanced inventory planning, forecasting & replenishment

EazyStock inventory optimization software features

EazyStock offers businesses a robust set of tools and features to support inventory optimisation goals and initiatives. Our team of inventory optimisation experts can help you measurably improve your demand forecasting, supplier planning, inventory optimisation, purchasing accuracy, and sales and operations planning processes.

EazyStock customers report strong financial results within the first six months of implementation, including the following:

  • Decrease inventory by upwards of 30%
  • Decrease stock outs by 10-15%
  • Identify and address excess and obsolete inventory
  • Decreasing supplier lead times from 30-50%
  • Increasing planner productivity 10-20%.

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