EazyStock is an Inventory Optimisation Solution for Wholesalers and Distributors.

Buy smarter, plan faster and service better with EazyStock.

Free Whitepaper

How to Calculate Safety Stock for Inventory Management

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Free Whitepaper

How to Calculate Safety Stock for Inventory Management

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Cut operating costs and maximise sales
by optimising inventory levels

EazyStock is an inexpensive add-on for all ERP systems and is proven to deliver the following financial and operational results:

Decrease inventory levels with up to 50%

Increase service levels up to 99%

Spend up to 60% less time planning and replenishing inventory

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An easy and powerful tool to drive huge results, fast.

Add advanced demand forecasting and replenishment capabilities to your ERP.

Product Overview

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EazyStock helped GSAB
improve its inventory turnover by 20%

As soon as GSAB started using EazyStock, the benefits became evident. Customers experienced better stock availability, backorders were reduced and sales increased. At the same time, GSAB’s inventory level went down and manual work was eliminated.

“EazyStock is a very advanced inventory optimisation tool to keep a service level, while not having more inventory in stock than demand requires.”

– Jan Kraft, CEO at GSAB

Create a more profitable
supply chain with EazyStock

You can now manage your inventory better than ever. Optimise your inventory, reduce the number of back orders and keep your customers happy with EazyStock.

Learn more about inventory management and get best practices on topics including Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimisation, Replenishment, Reporting, and more…

ROI Calculator

“Our customer service levels improved by 12 percentage points
and inventory levels went down by 22%, after we implemented EazyStock!!”

– Ergofast

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